About YMCA ReBuild

YMCA ReBuild believes that young people should not be defined by the situations they have been in. With the right support, they can make positive changes to their lives.

Fueled by this belief, YMCA ReBuild was established in 2010 with a clear goal: to provide training, support, mentoring and paid employment to disadvantaged youth who were involved, or at risk of becoming involved, in the criminal justice system.

Beginning by providing garden maintenance services for the Y, the scope quickly expanded to handy man services. This led YMCA ReBuild to become the commercial trade company of today.

In this time, YMCA ReBuild has employed over 350 young people from the justice system and provided training to more than 200 young people in custody. The majority of these young people have gone on to work with us on major construction projects across Melbourne or have been employed by external companies in long term employment.

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Our purpose

Employment provides more than just an economic safety net. It provides security, stability and routine. It connects young people to the community and helps them to shape a positive identity for themselves. And it increases their motivation to avoid reoffending.

Yet despite the pivotal role of employment in reintegrating young people into society, young offenders face additional barriers to securing work. This can be because of the stigma of their criminal history, a low level of educational attainment, and a limited employment history.

When you engage YMCA ReBuild, you are directly helping young people to break the offending cycle.


It's not about what's been done. It's about what's next. Crew member, 2022


We're part of the Y

YMCA ReBuild is run by YMCA Victoria (the Y), who deliver various youth services including the Bridge Project. The Bridge Project runs alongside YMCA ReBuild and supports young people in prison by providing sport and recreation programs as well as work readiness and life skills training.

The Bridge Project programs are a great first step for young offenders who want to make a change, and many participants also have the opportunity to participate in the YMCA ReBuild program.

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Meet YMCA ReBuild Program Manager Damien Carmody

  • Is YMCA ReBuild a business or a charity?
    YMCA ReBuild is a social enterprise. While we aim to make a positive social impact in the community through hiring, supporting and mentoring disadvantaged youth, we operate as a commercial entity in our own right.

    Our pricing is competitive, we are safety compliant and our standards are high. In short, the business is how we are able to change the lives of as many young people as possible.

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  • How does YMCA ReBuild help young people find employment?
    YMCA ReBuild works hard to create employment opportunities for every young person who comes through our training program at Ravenhall Correctional Centre.

    Our training program teaches young people practical trade skills and important employability skills, which prepares them for the world of work. YMCA ReBuild also provides invaluable support and mentoring throughout to young people throughout their journey with us.

    When each participant is work-ready, YMCA ReBuild transitions them into full time employment with one of our business partners or internally within YMCA ReBuild.

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  • Where can I find out more about YMCA ReBuild?
    You can learn more about YMCA ReBuild by listening to our podcast: Time to ReBuild. The podcast features many people who are a part of YMCA ReBuild, as well as young people who have experienced prison and others who work to support them.

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