Time to ReBuild is YMCA ReBuild’s podcast that explores different areas of the justice system.

Raw, vulnerable, sad and funny, it shares stories of transformation and hope by young people who have been incarcerated and those that support them.

It does not focus on, or glorify, the crime. Rather, it challenges perceptions, breaks down stereotypes and humanises the experience of those who have found themselves in this situation. Most importantly it creates conversations and awareness around youth justice and rehabilitation.

Producers and hosts, Mick Cronin and Mark Wilson, developed and launched Time to ReBuild in December 2020. They wanted to tell the stories of those they work with each day through the social enterprise YMCA ReBuild, starting from within the walls of Ravenhall Correctional Centre to re-integration into the community.

Meet the Time to ReBuild hosts

Mark Wilson

Mark creates positive change for disadvantaged youth through education and training programs. He has worked with homeless young people and for the YMCA Bridge Project, as well as on the Work Readiness and Life Skills Program at Ravenhall Correctional Centre.

Mick Cronin

Mick is passionate about youth justice and social enterprise and has worked in youth services for almost 20 years. He is a strong advocate for social change through social enterprise and supporting career pathways for young people in the justice system.

Meet some of the legends smashing through barriers and rebuilding their lives.


Saute was at a crossroads. Go back to old habits or make a huge change. But a promise to his dying mum saw him choose a life of purpose.


An auto-immune disease, failing uni grades and financial difficulty led to Rohan ending up in prison at 23. Now he’s steering his life in a positive direction.


Rory struggled with family issues as a teenager and turned to alcohol and then crime. Now he’s left prison, he's taking control of his life and hasn’t looked back.

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