“Time to ReBuild” is a podcast developed, produced and hosted by Mick Cronin and Mark Wilson. The objective of the podcast is to explore the journey of our young people from incarceration to positive transformation and the various ups and downs that occur in between.

This podcast allows you to hear firsthand what leads young people to offending, how they survive prison life and how YMCA ReBuild engages, trains, employs and most importantly provides them support, mentoring and guidance leading to productive and meaningful careers and futures.

Each week we will explore the various layers of the justice system and interview the people who move within it. There will be challenging conversations, laughs, tears and a whole lot of learning.

This is not a True Crime Podcast, and we understand the impact it has on people, families and our community. YMCA ReBuild believes that not every young person in prison should be defined by their actions and mistakes. We want to give them the opportunity to be the person they always wanted to be. That isn’t a straightforward journey and Time to ReBuild Podcast explores how support plus opportunity equals success.

YMCA ReBuild reduces recidivism and creates safer communities. We do not glorify or support criminal activities and support victims of crime.

  • Bio - Mick Cronin


    Executive Manager – YMCA Youth Justice and Social Enterprise 
    Mark recording the podcast speaking into the microphone Mick moved from Dublin to Melbourne in 2003 and stared working in Drugs & Alcohol where he supported disadvantaged young people dealing with substance abuse. At the same time he also taught Certificate IV in Drugs and other substances focusing on working with challenging behaviours.
    In 2007 he started working as an employment case manager for the YMCA Bridge Project supporting young people in the justice system both in custody and community to find suitable education, training and employment. In 2012 he stepped into the manager’s role taking on it commercial maintenance social enterprise ReBuild. 
    In 2019 Mick became the Executive Manager of YMCA Victoria Youth Services focusing on his two passions - Youth Justice and Social Enterprise. Part of this role also involves the planning and delivery of major events such as the annual YMCA Bridge Project Breakfast and corporate golf day.

    He is strong advocate for social change through social enterprise and spends the majority of his time developing and implementing innovative initiatives that lead to the creation of meaningful and supportive career pathways for young people in the justice system. 

    In 2020 he was recognised for his contribution to reducing recidivism through innovative and positive impacting initiatives by being awarded a Westpac Social Change fellowship
  • Bio - Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson

    Education and Training Program Leader

    Mark recording the podcast speaking into the microphone

    Mark’s journey began in hospitality where he was able to thrive by working with creative and business focused individuals. During this time he also gained exposure to many young people struggling with complex social issues

    “I knew counselling young people wasn’t in my job description, so I decide I could do more.”

    At the end of 2014 after completing a Bachelor Degree in Youth Work, Mark soon found himself working with homeless young people in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. Gaining valuable experience in the sector opportunities began to arise.

    In 2015 he began working with The Bridge Project creating and implementing leading educational programs to lower recidivism within the state. 

    “Being part of a Social-enterprise that is working every day to create employment opportunities for young people and in doing so creating a more inclusive community, is what motivates me to constantly pursue new initiatives in the sector.”

    Mark’s current role sees him as the Program Lead for the Work Readiness & Life Skills Program in Ravenhall Correctional Centre.

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