Bridge Project's impact would not be possible without the support of its numerous partners.

Whether this be businesses committed to offering meaningful employment, organisations generously donating resources or sponsoring the program, or strategic partners collaborating to increase the reach and effect of our work through new initiatives.

Partner with us and be a part of our growing movement of Victorian businesses who are breaking the cycle of re-offending by empowering young people through employment.

Learn more about how organisations have worked with Bridge Project to help support young people.


Broadspectrum has been a strong supporter in the work YMCA Bridge Project does, having hired a number of young people through our program.

"Our most recent Bridge participant has harnessed his opportunity and has set an example to others in relation to his exemplary behaviour and work ethic. He approached me the other day and put out his hand to shake and said, ”thanks Rob for giving me a break” … need I say more?"

Far East Consortium

Since 2014, Far East Consortium Australia’s partnership has contributed immensely to the YMCA Bridge Project’s ability to change the lives of young ex-offenders who are desperate to break out of a cycle of crime.

"Some years ago I was at a YMCA Bridge Project function and the stories moved me, so I thought how I can help? I donated to the Bridge Project and that reoccurred for a few years."

Far East Consortium are proud to help the YMCA Bridge Project by sponsoring the Bridge Project Breakfast and hope we can influence others to get involved, and find jobs for young people on it programs.Rob Cooke, General Manager


To date, Mondo has hired two people through YMCA Bridge Project having learned of the great impact it can have on young people.

"I had attended the [Bridge Project] breakfast and was inspired by the impacts that this program had on individuals and knew that we could provide someone with a life changing opportunity."