At the core of our partnership with the GEO Group is the suite of programs Bridge Project facilitates at Ravenhall Correctional Centre.

Ravenhall Correctional Centre is Victoria’s largest correctional centre and is a positive model for rehabilitation and reintegration focused centres of the future with unprecedented levels of pre- and post-release support to prisoners.

The programs that we run in Ravenhall Correction Centre include:

  • Sport and recreation programs
  • Work readiness and life skills training
  • ReBuild workshop (woodwork)

YMCA Key Workers assess and support prisoners to gain meaningful and sustainable employment post-release in supportive working environments state-wide.

YMCA Key Workers assess and support prisoners who are under 25 years of age in the 3 months prior to their release. In some cases YMCA Key Workers support prisoners over 25 due to individual circumstances. This will be determined through close communication and recommendations from alliance partners and GEO Reintegration Officers.

The philosophy of Ravenhall Correctional Centre is to champion a rehabilitative approach to engaging with young people who have come through the criminal justice system. This includes offering and encouraging the use of education programs for young people to gain important skills to break the cycle of crime and commit to positive change after their release. 

Commencing operations in late 2017, Ravenhall boasts a highly innovative design capable of accommodating and managing a diverse population of prisoners and ensuring each has access to the programs and services they need to reduce their risk of reoffending.

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