When you hire a young person through YMCA Bridge Project, you help create a pathway to greater opportunities for at risk young people who otherwise may not be able to access them.

As more businesses seek to deepen their social impact, we are seeing a growing demand for opportunities to promote a diverse work place by addressing systematic barriers which can impede marginalised groups from finding employment opportunities.

Bridge Project can help your business break down these barriers.

You can be a part of our growing movement of Victorian businesses who are breaking the cycle of re-offending by empowering young people through employment.

There are positive long-term benefits for our entire society that arise from hiring a young person from the YMCA Bridge Project by shifting the stigma around ex-offenders and breaking the cycle of re-offending.

Out for Good

Out for Good is a Victorian Government initiative which aims to support young people aged 17 to 26 who have had previous involvement with the justice system to get a job in construction.

Building on our existing relationship with Jobs Victoria, YMCA Bridge Project plays an integral role in this initiative which sees government, private industry, and community organisations like YMCA combine forces to provide employment placements, mentoring and training to young people who may otherwise become entrenched in the criminal justice system.

Out for Good will help young people get a job, find purpose in their life and make an important contribution to the future of Victoria.Ben Carroll, Minister for Crime Prevention

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