UNO-Y is an intensive program of self-reflection and personal development designed to transform amazing young people into exceptional leaders.

The program is run by Youth Services and is aimed at young people within YMCA Victoria.

The UNO-Y program brings together 60 people from across Victoria over five days. Through a series of workshops, outdoor activities and discussions, we provide guidance on:

  • build leadership skills
  • grow confidence
  • develop an increased sense of self and others.

UNO-Y is designed to empower participants to make change in their communities by encouraging participants to express themselves, as well as challenge themselves and those around them in a safe and encouraging space. Young people are taken on a journey of self-discovery to learn how to best express themselves.The program is facilitated by an experienced taskforce of volunteers.

UNO-Y sessions are outcomes-based and encourage experiential learning through discussion, demonstration and interactive activities.

UNO-Y is open to young people within YMCA Victoria up to the age of 23. To take part in UNO-Y, potential participants must be nominated.

What participants say about UNO-Y

"I learnt more about myself in 6 days than I had in 16 years. I defined my values, strengths and those annoying parts that needed work."

"What developed over those 6 days was something I'd never imagined. These strangers became my friends and shared with me one of the most influential experiences of my life."

"UNO-Y is the opportunity of a lifetime and I'm still patting myself on the back for taking it. I discovered myself and amazing people."

"Every single one of us took away skills that can only assist us in the future. Including communication, interaction, understanding, leadership, friendship and trust."


YMCA Youth Services also runs Future Leaders, a similar program which focuses on professional development skills for YMCA Victoria staff and volunteers who are managing people or programs for the first time.

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