Discover our diverse selection of youth leadership and development workshops.

From engaging two-hour sessions to immersive day-long workshops, there are a range of options to suit your needs. We cover topics such as advocacy, public speaking, leadership and teen mental health.

Our dedicated and passionate team of facilitators bring these workshops directly to your school or organisation. Whether it's during regular hours or after hours, we can accommodate your schedule to deliver impactful learning experiences that empower young leaders to thrive.

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  • Advocacy in Action

    In this workshop, participants learn about the significance of advocacy and discover how they can make a meaningful difference by championing causes they’re passionate about.

    Through engaging discussions and interactive activities, participants explore how advocacy can create change and impact our communities.

    We encourage participants to be bold and creative as they learn essential skills to articulate their message, engage with stakeholders and drive positive change.

    Session outcomes

    • Increased awareness: Participants gain a deeper understanding of advocacy and its role in driving social change.
    • Enhanced skills: Participants develop communication, strategic planning and collaboration skills through practical exercises and discussions.
    • Empowered action: Armed with knowledge and skills, participants feel empowered to take action in their communities.
  • Public Speaking

    This session delves into the art of public speaking. Through dynamic activities and practical guidance, participants gain the confidence and techniques needed to speak with clarity, conviction and impact – whether they’re addressing a small group or large audience.

    Session outcomes

    • Enhanced speaking skills: Participants develop the ability to articulate their ideas clearly and confidently, ensuring their message and voice is heard.
    • Increased confidence: Through learning and practise, participants build self-assurance and overcome stage fright.
    • Versatile communication: Participants learn to adapt their speaking style to different audiences and contexts, gaining versatility in communication.
  • Future Leaders workshops

    We offer a variety of personal development workshops for emerging young leaders. The sessions cover topics such as:

    • Personal Branding;
    • Personality Type Indicator (DISC);
    • Leading through Failure.

    Future Leaders workshops provide practical insights and strategies to empower participants to navigate challenges, harness their strengths and inspire positive change in their communities.

    Session outcomes

    • Leadership development: Participants enhance their leadership skills and gain valuable insights.
    • Professional growth: Participants refine their professional skills, equipping them for success in the future.
    • Inspired leadership: Participants are inspired to embrace their leadership potential, cultivate innovative thinking, and become catalysts for positive change.
  • Teen Mental Health First Aid

    Delivered by qualified Mental Health First Aid Australia instructors, this program equips teens with knowledge and skills to support their peers through mental health challenges.

    Through three interactive workshops, participants learn how to recognise signs of mental distress, provide initial assistance and connect their peers with appropriate resources.

    The workshops focus on empathy, understanding and reducing stigma around mental health, so that young people feel empowered to make a positive difference in the lives of those around them.

    Session outcomes

    • Increased awareness: Participants gain a deeper understanding of mental health issues, learning to recognise signs of distress and understand the importance of destigmatising mental health challenges.
    • Enhanced support skills: Participants develop essential skills in providing initial assistance and offering empathetic support to peers facing mental health difficulties.
    • Improved access to resources: Participants gain knowledge of available resources and strategies for connecting their peers with appropriate mental health support services.
  • Discovering Democracy: Parliament Incursions

    Bring the dynamic world of parliamentary democracy directly to your classroom and inspire the leaders of tomorrow!

    This incursion is led by experienced facilitators and involves engaging activities such as mock debates, legislative simulations and interactive discussions.

    Throughout the program, students explore principles of democracy, civic engagement and the workings of government. They will learn about the roles and responsibilities of parliamentarians and be encouraged to think critically.

    Session outcomes

    • Understanding of democratic processes: Participants gain an understanding of the democratic process and parliamentary procedure.
    • Enhanced critical thinking: Participants develop critical thinking skills as they analyse political issues, debate differing viewpoints, and evaluate the impact of government policies on society.
    • Empowerment for civic engagement: The program instils a sense of civic responsibility and empowerment in participants, inspiring them to become active and informed citizens.


Two hour workshops $1000 inc. GST
Full day workshops $2000 inc. GST
Teen Mental Health First Aid $750 inc. GST per year level

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