Y Spaces

As part of YMCA Victoria's commitment to community impact, YMCA Youth Services facilitates Y Spaces across the state.

Y Spaces exist as a place for young people to connect with one another, learn and develop new skills, and engage with their community.

Currently, YMCA Youth Services facilitates Y Spaces in three areas of Victoria; Bendigo, Latrobe, and the Peninsula.

Bendigo Youth Services

The YMCA has been working to empower and inspire young people in the Bendigo region for well over 100 years.

Bendigo Youth Services runs free weekly programs which are open for young people to attend. These include:

  • Meditation sessions
  • Art workshops
  • Quizzes

Latrobe Youth Space

YMCA Victoria manages the Latrobe Youth Space, which is based in Morwell. We work as the lead agency within a consortium made up of a number of other community organisations.

Latrobe Youth Space is led by a volunteer Youth Governance Committee which serves to be the voice for all young people within the Latrobe community.

Latrobe Youth Space runs a number of programs including:

  • Latrobe Youth Film Festival
  • Podcasting, photography, and public speaking workshops
  • Rainbow (LGBTQIA+) Club

Peninsula Youth Services

YMCA Peninsula Youth Services has been operating in the region for the past 11 years.

Peninsula Youth Services regularly runs programs, retreats, and services in mentoring and support.

All activities run are underpinned by our four pillars of wellbeing;

  • Moving the body
  • Stilling the mind
  • Taking care of our gut health
  • Firing up the brain