Future Leaders provides professional development training for emerging leaders at YMCA Victoria.

The program is run by Youth Services and is aimed at young people who have made a positive contribution to their local YMCA and are looking to develop a career within the organisation.

The Future Leaders program is run every year over a three day event, which focuses on:

  • Professional development
  • Personal development
  • Networking
  • Engagement with the YMCA

As well as providing professional and personal development opportunities, Future Leaders also provides participants with a broader understanding of the Y - developing skills directly applicable to their work environments and inspiring them to become influential within their branch. 

In previous years, participants and managers reported the following outcomes after their time at Future Leaders: 

  • 89.5% of participants reported that Future Leaders helped build their leadership skills
  • 95.6% of managers reported that Future Leaders improved their participant's leadership skills
  • 89.5% of participants reported that Future Leaders helped them understand themselves better
  • 82% of managers reported that Future Leaders increased their participant's self-confidence and communication skills

Future Leaders is open to both staff and volunteers at YMCA Victoria who are managing people or programs for the first time. Each of our branches has deserving young staff and volunteers who would benefit from this program.

To take part in Future Leaders, potential participants are nominated by their managers.

Youth Services also facilitates UNO-Y, a similar personal development program for staff and volunteers up to the age of 23.

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