The Taskforce is a group of young volunteers who develop and deliver the Youth Parliament and Youth Press Gallery programs each year. Sitting across five portfolios (Parliamentary Training, Recreation, Participant Logistics, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement, and Youth Press Gallery), the team ensures that all areas of the program are catering to the needs and development of each year's cohort of Youth Parliamentarians and Youth Press journalists. The Victorian Youth Governor also sits on the Taskforce.

We are currently finalising our 2023 Taskforce – check back soon for the team announcement.

Meet the 2022 Taskforce!

  • Program Director
      Tessa Buchanan (she/her) | Program Director 
     essa is the woman behind the great Youth Parliament program, and whilst she almost works around the clock putting together an amazing program, she enjoys heading out to explore the nature reserve near her house, and camping in her down time! Her dream career would be to use her hobbies for good, and contribute to the ecological preservation efforts in the bush and forested areas. This year, she hopes that the program will build a really strong community of empowered young people, and help foster some amazing connections and memories for all of our Youth Parliamentarians, Youth Press Journalists, and Taskforce as well! 

  • Youth Governor
      Kergen Angel (he/him) | Youth Governor
    Kergen Angel was peer-elected to be an ambassador for young Victorians at the Y Victoria Youth Parliament in September 2021. To say he's passionate about youth advocacy is an understatement; when he's not being an awesome Youth Governor he is hustling to shift resources and power behind young people leading change. If he could be anything in the world, he would be a Michelin Star Chef - that should say enough about him…

  • Parliamentary training team
      Kaitlin Woolford (she/her) | Parliamentary Training and Teams Director
    Kaitlin is a one of a kind show-stopping theatre performer who has a backyard filled with cows which she loves hanging out with. Her ultimate dream job is to be a Broadway star and join the greats on stage! Kaitlin has served a part of the Youth Parliament program for many years and is looking forward to enjoy the first in person program in the last two years with talented young people.
      Ally Paleologoudias (she/her) | Head of House
    Ally is our resident mermaid who loves nothing more than a salty swim at the beach! Her ultimate dream job is to live out her main character fantasy in a classic rom-com protagonist career - bakery owner, magazine editor, personal assistant, or jewellery salesperson. If Ally could travel back in time, she would go back to 27th November 2019, to sit in the audience of the Ellen DeGeneres Show and see Dakota Johnson say, "actually, no, that's not the truth, Ellen." 
      Miora Trainor (she/her) | Head of House
    If you're a bookworm, Miora is the person to talk to! When she's not working on the program she is reading a good book and enjoying the one good thing COVID lockdowns gave us - lots of free time! Her ultimate goal for Youth Parliament this year is to continue delivering the space for young people to use their voices and to be heard.
      Declan Negus (he/him) | Parliamentary Training Leader
    Declan is all about empowering young people, so much so, when he is not working on the Youth Parliament program he is supporting the young students at the primary school he works at. However, if he could enter into his dream career it would be a professional soccer player, so let's all cheer for him on the sidelines! 
      Matisse Cousins (she/her) | Parliamentary Training Leader
    You'll want to befriend Matisse this year, because when she's not creating awesome training activities for participants, she's whipping up a storm in the kitchen, we're talking cookies, cakes, you name it! If no limits exist however, she would be working for the United Nations. Until then it's lots of baking, travelling and planning to work her way into the UN. 
      Lily Trethowan (she/her) | Parliamentary Training Leader
    Like many others on the Taskforce, Lily is also passionate about the arts! She hopes to one day become a writer or director for plays, films and television and/or a High School Teacher at a performing arts school. Her hobbies include watching a great movie with friends and enjoying a good movie snack. Lily is extremely passionate about the Youth Parliament program and hopes this year she can instil the same passion in this year's participants. 
      Hiep Do (he/him) | Parliamentary Training Leader
    Hiep is an amazing teacher-extraordinaire who has been lucky enough to have been working his dream job over the past few years running camps and program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in remote communities in the NT and QLD. His ultimate goal for this year’s program is to create a safe space where our young people can feel comfortable being themselves. 

  • Participant logistics team
      Shanti Steventon-Lorenzen (they/them) | Participant Logistics Director
    Shanti is your ultimate outdoorsy person, loves a good adventure, road trips, hiking, camping, you name it! If they could travel back in time they would camp with the dinosaurs - talk about thrill-seeker. Shanti is your go-to logistics creative, and will be working hard to ensure you all feel supported during the program and comfortable to advocate for anything that would make your experience more enjoyable.
      Annelise Quig (she/they) | Participant Logistics Leader
    This year Annelise will be simultaneously, cooking up epic spreadsheets, helping to make sure our camps run smoothly, and crossstitching like there’s no tomorrow. What a multi-tasker! They're also happy to chat all things netball, UN youth, games and genetics!

  • Communications and stakeholder engagement team
      Hiba Lopez (she/her) | Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Director
    With her favourite movie brand being DISNEY, Hiba runs her own event planning business on the side called Genie Events based on her favourite Disney movie, Aladdin! When she's not busy preparing the Youth Parliament communications calendar, she's planning weddings, freelancing for a travel website, working full-time as an Event and Communications Coordinator and more importantly spending plenty of time with her two fur babies - a hyperactive Australian Kelpie and a snobby tabby cat.
      Ashley Penrose (she/they) | Social Media Coordinator
    Just like many other humans during COVID lockdowns, Ash picked up a creative hobby - Knitting! So if you're a knitter, you can show off your great knitting creations to Ashley. Just like Miora she is also a big bookworm and is very proud about her large collection of books. They hope to one day be a Publisher after they analyse her entire book collection, but her great backup option is to work in the legal space helping those with mental health issues.
      Gemma Crosby (she/her) | Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator 
    You can catch Gemma having a boogie with her friends when she's not working towards being involved in policy work that empowers young people and promotes positive change. This year she is excited to be connecting you as passionate young parliamentarians with inspiring stakeholders, to help you make a positive change on issues that you are passionate about. 
      Nisha Udayakumar (she/her) | Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator 
    Hey there! My name is Nisha and I’m super excited to be a Stakeholder Engagement Officer for Youth Parliament in 2022. When I’m not beavering away at uni trying to smash down the patriarchy using the law, you can find me binging Netflix shows, reading a good book or spoiling my cat.

  • Recreation (Wreck) team
      Alex Tyndall (he/him) | Director of Fun
    Get keen for the shenanigans our DOF (director of fun) Alex Tyndall is cooking up this year because this legend is a BORN wrecker. When he’s not working on ways to build community among Youth Parliamentarians and Youth Press journalists alike, he’s making chaos as a game-maker at an escape room!! He recently adopted a greyhound named Twiggy so is also available for chats about all things doggo’s and DND.
      Kayra Meric (he/him) | Wreck Leader
    Kayra has a passion for all things music. So much so, that if he could travel back to any era, he would go back to the time of Jimi Hendrix and watch his live performances and catch the emergence of the many great music genres that he loves today. You guessed it, if his career could be anything she would be a musician as well as a touring photographer.
      Gek-Eryn Wylde (she/her) | Wreck Leader
    Gek is enjoying getting creative with her new crocheting hobby as well as banking up money in her part time job before she returns to university! You'll want to be friends forever with Gek, because she aims to be a dermatologist or cardiologist in the future! So make sure to save her number in case you have skin or heart problems in about 5 years or so.
      Meaghan Ferguson (she/her) | Wreck Leader
    When Meaghan’s not dutifully scouring the streets of Melbourne for hard rubbish scores she’s helping her housemate pick GIGANTIC zucchinis from their garden or going on long, aimless walks in National Parks. She’s super excited to facilitate some hectic fun for our camps this year! Meaghan also studies engineering and design so if you ever need something 3D printed she’s your go to wrecker.

  • Youth Press Gallery team
      Angus Delaney (he/him) | Youth Press Gallery Director
    When Angus isn't leading the Youth Press Gallery team, he is playing basketball and writing the next ground breaking story. His dream job is to be an Environmental Journalist and host his own podcast, so keep your eyes peeled for your next basketball playing environmental enthusiast, podcast hosting journalist! Angus is looking forward to being a part of this year's Youth Parliament program to amplify the voices of young people through media.
      Ruby Sait (she/her) | Youth Press Gallery Leader
    Ruby is passionate about working with different organisations to try to improve residential and foster care for young people. However, if she could pursue her dream career she would be a Journalist in LA or New York interviewing all the major celebs! She hopes to support others who are also passionate about writing and develop her journalism skills.