Participate in our 2024 program!

Team applications for 2024 have now closed.

If you missed out on a team, consider applying to be an individual participant to help fill team spots if and when they become available.

Individual applications will open early 2024.

Please get in touch if you have any questions

  • What is a Bill?

    In Youth Parliament, a Bill is a 3-4 page document that outlines proposed legislation. You will spend Term One and Term Two figuring out an issue that you’re passionate about and writing a Bill, with support from a Taskforce mentor.

    In June, you will stand up in Parliament House and debate why it should be law in Victoria, against another team participating in Youth Parliament. You will get lots and lots of support in how to create and debate yours (and others’) Bills, we believe anyone can do it!

    If you would like an example of what a Bill looks like, you can see the 2023 Bills here.

  • Do I need to have a team of six to apply for Youth Parliament?

    You do not need a team of six to submit an application for Youth Parliament. This is to provide time for schools or groups who wish to participate to submit an application and source their participants once they have been accepted into the program.

    However, you will need to have a confirmed team of six young people by the deadline of 5pm Monday 11 March 2024, should your team be successful in the application.

  • Do I have to go to the camps to participate?

    Yes, it is compulsory for every participant to attend and participate in the residential camp aspects of this program. Not only will there be a heap of really important information and skill building covered on the camps, but they are designed to be engaging experiential learning opportunities to develop personally and professionally in a supported and collaborative environment. Incredibly meaningful connections are built between participants, and between the taskforce and the young people involved. We promise you won’t want to miss them.

    If you have questions or concerns about the camp, please email our team at and we’re more than happy to make sure you know that camp is safe, fun and empowering.

  • I’m doing VCE and have lots of homework! Is there time to study on camp?

    Camp will be very busy with lots to do. While we can’t promise a quiet place to study that you might be used to at home, there will be breaks provided for meals, with the most free time in the morning before the day begins and at night before bed.

    However, participants typically prefer to spend this time socialising with their peers and taking a break from camp sessions. We would suggest taking a break from school work to enjoy and celebrate your camp achievements!

  • What does the cost of the program contribute to?

    The participant fees cover the nine days of residential program (including all accommodation, catering, and mid-program transport), all training and Parliamentary support (including online and face-to-face content), and program materials.

  • If COVID-19 restrictions prevent camp from running, will the program still run?

    Yes! Youth Parliament will run online if COVID-19 restrictions prevent a camp and, at worst-case scenario, going to Parliament House too.

    Training, stakeholder meetings, media and debates will be held online as similar to Parliament as we can possibly get. We are dedicated to providing young people with an empowering learning experience, following all health rules.

    The 2021 Victorian Youth Parliament was held entirely online, offering community connection, training, debates, and professional development sessions virtually. To view some of the livestreamed 2021 Victorian Youth Parliament debates, feel free to explore the Victorian Youth Parliament YouTube channel.