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The YMCA Youth Services office has moved to Box Hill.

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Applications for the Victorian Youth Parliament 2022 are now closed.

Victorian Youth Parliament at a Glance

The Victorian Youth Parliament supports young people to speak up and be heard about issues that they are passionate about. In a team of six, Youth Parliamentarians will be supported in writing a Bill addressing a state-based issue that they would like to see changed or added into Victorian legislation. Bills will be introduced into the Youth Parliament, debated and voted upon during the sitting week held in the chambers of Parliament House, Victoria. Upon conclusion of the sitting week, all Youth Parliament Bills are officially handed to the Minister for Youth to be disseminated to the relevant state Members of Parliament.

In addition to debates, Victorian Youth Parliamentarians will engage in a range of personal and professional development sessions during the residential camps, run to experiential learning principles. Residential camps will also provide the Youth Parliamentarians space to engage in the community of changemakers coming together from across the state to partake in the program.


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For any questions regarding the program, please email Tessa Buchanan at youthparliament.vic@ymca.org.au


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