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Ever wanted to stand up and be heard, seriously? Youth Parliament is looking for its next 120 Youth Parliamentarians to shake the status quo and make a difference.

2021 Youth Parliament Team Application form.

1. Please answer the questions below and submit your responses by 5pm Friday 19th March.

Late submissions will not be considered. Please review information about the 2021 YMCA Victoria Youth Parliament

2. 20 teams are selected to be a part of YMCA Victoria Youth Parliament each year. They are chosen for representing the geographic and demographic make-up of young Victorians. The successful 20 teams will commence the program from Monday 19th April 2020.

Section One - Resource Person Details

A Resource Person is the liaison point between a team of six members and YMCA Victoria. Your responsibilities include:

  • Assist with coordinating the first meeting between the team and a Taskforce member
  • Assist with each member’s completion of indemnity/registration forms
  • Coordinate the replacement of team members should one withdraw
  • Be the point of call for all six team members and the Teams Director

Section Two - Team Details

Are there already six young people in the team who meet the requirements to participate in the program? *

Team members need to be confirmed by 19th April 2021. If team members are not already confirmed, please detail your process to ensure a full team is registered by 19th April 2021, ready to meet with a Taskforce member to commence the Bill writing process:*

Please briefly describe the background of the team seeking to participate in Youth Parliament (e.g. past leadership programs they may have been a part of, community initiatives etc.)*

Please describe what benefits participating in Youth Parliament 2021 would provide the team members *

Section Three - Payment Details

Deposits will not be accepted with initial applications. In the two weeks following applications closing, both successful and unsuccessful teams will be notified, and payment details for successful teams will be confirmed. YMCA Victoria, in partnership with the Victorian Government, is committed to providing opportunities to all young people from all walks of life. For any assistance in relation to funding difficulties or additional support needed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If the team represents the following demographics and is unable to pay the cost of participation, the team may be eligible for sponsorship (tick as many as is appropriate):

Please provide any further details to support the consideration of an application for sponsorship: