Latrobe Youth Space is a fun, inclusive, safe space where young people's voices can be heard. 

A space for opportunity, where young people can explore their interests while feeling supported and secure, Latrobe Youth Space strives to empower, unite and advocate for the youth of Latrobe City.

As a space where everyone can feel safe to be themselves, the Latrobe Youth Space aims to diminish stereotypes and create a place where youth of Latrobe City can flourish.

Our team

At the core of our team at Latrobe Youth Space is the Youth Governance Committee, made up of passionate individuals who collectively represent the young voices of Latrobe Valley. 

Youth Governance Committee members are young people aged 15 - 25 and volunteer their time between school and work. Not only do they provide support, but all programs run at Latrobe Youth Space are led and approved by the Committee.

Our programs

The programs Latrobe Youth Space runs provide a learning environment, a place to build resilience, and meet new people. Programs come from needs identified by young people and are led by our Youth Governance Committee.

Programs run by Latrobe Youth Space include:

  • TV & Book Club
  • Court Outreach
  • Podcasting, photography, and public speaking workshops
  • Rainbow (LGBTQIA+) Club

Visit us

Latrobe Youth Space is located in the Mid Valley Shopping Centre and is open every day except Sundays. Plenty of parking is available in the centre or via bus routes 1, 2, 21, and 22.

Visit Latrobe Youth Space's website

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