The YMCA has been working to empower and inspire young people in the Bendigo region for well over 100 years.

We pride ourselves on our celebrated history in the community of being experts at keeping young people well in body, mind and spirit.

Our team

Today our team of staff and volunteers continue to seek out opportunities to connect with young people through regular programs and activities based on the Five Ways to Wellbeing which are a set of simple strategies that all young people can adopt in supporting mental and physical wellness.

Our philosophy

The Five Ways to Wellbeing is at the foundation of the work the YMCA in Bendigo to support young people. Developed by the New Economics Foundation in the U.K, it is an evidence based approach to maintaining good physical and mental health.

  1. Be Active: Keeping it fun is the key and may include taking a walk or bike ride, playing sport or working out, dancing or gardening.
  2. Connect: Maintaining meaningful connections to others allows young people to avoid isolation, to listen and be heard, and feel part of a community.
  3. Give: Finding ways to help others by giving our time, words and presence.
  4. Take Notice: Taking the time to notice the simple things that bring joy. Living in the present through mindfulness activities is a great place to start.
  5. Keep Learning: Embracing new opportunities, maintaining interests and hobbies, finding purpose and meaning in our pursuits.

Visit us

Bendigo Youth Services' office is located at 171 Lyttleton Terrace, just down the road from Bendigo Town Hall.

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