About YMCA Victoria’s Youth Press Gallery

YMCA Victoria’s Youth Press Gallery is a program for young people aged between 16-25 currently studying, or who have an interest in, political journalism, photography, or filming to gain valuable experience serving as the Press Gallery for the YMCA Victoria Youth Parliament program. In this series of blogs we are proud to introduce you to the members of the 2020 Youth Press Gallery, and share their achievements and published works during their time with the program.

Introducing Charlie Goldberg

Hey! My name is Charlie and I’m currently in my third year at The University of Melbourne majoring in Gender Studies and Media & Communications. My interest in journalism stems from its ability to create change and hold people and structures to account. My hobbies include: stressing about climate change, buying books and never reading them, and listening to podcasts on public transport because I refuse to learn how to drive. 

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Tell us about your work

I am covering two bills going through Youth Parliament this year. One is being put forward by the Castlemaine team and is calling for mandatory genderless bathroom signage in all public building. The other is from the Overnewton team and is proposing the creation of safe spaces for stunt and dangerous driving, to hopefully reduce the hazards to people and community posed by hooning.