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In line with the latest announcements, programs and services within regional Victoria will continue from 16 September. Metropolitan Melbourne services remain closed until further notice. Please stay safe and know you can stay connected with us on Virtual Y.

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About YMCA Victoria’s Youth Press Gallery

YMCA Victoria’s Youth Press Gallery is a program for young people aged between 16-25 currently studying, or who have an interest in, political journalism, photography, or filming to gain valuable experience serving as the Press Gallery for the YMCA Victoria Youth Parliament program. In this series of blogs we are proud to introduce you to the members of the 2020 Youth Press Gallery, and share their achievements and published works during their time with the program.

Introducing Wing Kuang

Age: 23

Find me on: Twitter

About me: Wing Kuang is a freelance bilingual journalist. She recently completed her Master of Journalism at the University of Melbourne. Her works appear in Griffith Review, Sydney Morning Herald and The Initium. She enjoys telling Australian stories in Chinese and vice versa. Her Australian English sounds very Cantonese.