About YMCA Evolve

Evolve is a leadership and self-development program for students in Grades 5 and 6, addressing personal identity, resilience-building, and leadership. A multi-modal program, Evolve incorporates professional development for teachers, face-to-face student workshops, pre-prepared classroom teaching resources, and ongoing teaching support.

Over the course of eight weeks, students participate in high-energy, experiential activities aligned with the Victorian Curriculum that enable them to reflect on and develop their Personal and Social Capability.


Module 1: Skills & Strengths
Module 2: Identity
Module 3: Responsibility
Module 4: Mindset & Attitude
Module 5: Teamwork
Module 6: Social Awareness & Fairness
Module 7: Responding to Change
Module 8: Leadership

YMCA Evolve has been working with primary schools since 2015, building on YMCA Victoria’s 36 year history of teaching young Victorians leadership and personal-development, social impact and change-making.