Run exclusively out of Ravenhall Correctional Centre, YMCA ReBuild’s Maintenance Skills Training Program provides participants the opportunity to learn and develop a wide range of basic maintenance and handyman skills.

With a strong focus on health and safety, participants will learn to use a range of hand and power tools and apply these skills to various maintenance tasks and techniques throughout the duration of the program.

Participants also learn and develop effective personal workplace skills and practices that will enable them to secure future employment, demonstrate the qualities to successfully maintain employment and create more personal and professional career opportunities and advances.

The program is delivered by ReBuild facilitators possessing expert skills and knowledge in regard to facility maintenance services and personal standards. Their aims will be to instill life-long skills and knowledge, while building rapport, respect and positive relationships within the participant group to create a positive and supportive program atmosphere and learning experience. 

YMCA ReBuild Shop

As part of our Trade and Employability Skills program based at Ravenhall Correctional Centre, participants also craft woodwork pieces which are available for purchase at our YMCA ReBuild shop.

These unique, custom-made woodwork pieces are manufactured by participants of YMCA ReBuild, a social enterprise dedicated to rebuilding the lives of young people involved in, or who are at risk of being involved in, the criminal justice system.

All proceeds from purchased items will be invested straight back into YMCA ReBuild which will enable us to train, employ, mentor and build long term careers for more young people.


Cam's Story

I was really young when I started getting in trouble, probably around 17. I would hang out at night with mates, then I started drinking on weekdays and getting into fights. Things escalated over time and instead of punching during fights we started using weapons, which is how I got my first charge, I was 19. I ended up going in and out of prison for the next couple of years.

The chance to work with YMCA ReBuild came about just before I left Ravenhall Corrections Centre. After my interview with the manager, I felt empowered.

My YMCA ReBuild team leader also encourages me and listens. He has never asked me what I was inside for, he just cares about the now and what I want to do in the future.

Apart from the work skills, stable routine and income YMCA ReBuild has given me, I’ve also learnt about how beautiful and important life is and to be grateful for what you’ve got.

Maybe we can't change the world, but if we can help that one person, maybe he could be the person that changes the world. Imagine that.Cam, YMCA ReBuild Crew Member

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