YMCA ReBuild's services are utilised by a wide range of businesses and organisations in Victoria. Hear from our valued customers about the quality of work you can expect from YMCA ReBuild.

Vicinity Centres

"We chose YMCA ReBuild because we felt that their values and purpose really aligned with our core values... What I've seen now though is their work ethic and standards are, compared to their competitors, very high.

I would encourage all business leaders to hire YMCA ReBuild and not to be afraid to do that. They're not a charity organisation they're an actual business, and that standard of quality of workmanship that they will put out, and the passion they bring to the job is priceless.Greg Makin, Regional Operations Manager

Knox Private Hospital (Healthscope Hospitals)

"We have been using YMCA ReBuild since October 2014 for our gardening and landscaping. As a company and Hospital with a social conscience we wanted to give something back to the community and to assist young people.

The most impressive aspects from YMCA ReBuild has been the quality of work, communication and supervisor attention to the staff working on site, and the willingness of the young people to embrace the work and do a good job. YMCA ReBuild has helped with making suggestions to assist in the overall presentation of our site and has assisted with other areas at time when required.

We are very happy with the service provided by YMCA ReBuild and would recommend to companies seeking quality work who want to give back to the community."

- John Sweeney, Support Services Manager


"I have been utilizing YMCA Rebuild now since 2014 across three different Centres; Broadmeadows, Emporium & Stockland Point Cook. I’ve long believed in giving others a second chance and YMCA Rebuild do that to persons that would find obtaining work quite hard due to their undesirable circumstances.

They provide a quality & personal service that I don’t see very often in this line of work. Every worker wants to achieve the best job each time and become personally invested into their work and the Centre they are working for. Without a doubt, it was the best decision as an Operations Manager I made by engaging with YMCA Rebuild."

- David Farmer, Operations Manager

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