Is ReBuild a business or a charity?

While ReBuild aims to make a positive social impact in the community through hiring, coaching and mentoring disadvantaged youth, principally ex-offenders, it operates as a commercial entity in its own right. Our pricing is competitive, we are safety compliant and our standards are high. In short, the company is used as the vehicle for us to change the lives of as many young people as possible.

Is ReBuild health and safety compliant?

Yes. ReBuild ensures it meets all health & safety requirements and is able to provide any documentation to support this upon request.

What steps does ReBuild take to ensure its employees will not harm its customers?

ReBuild rigorously screens all of its potential employees and takes a high-level approach to ongoing supervision at all jobs to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Through ongoing mentoring and coaching, ReBuild actively promotes its key values of trust, loyalty, and respect.

Have any of your employees ever committed a crime against a customer?


Would ReBuild be able to help meet social procurement goals at my business?

Yes. ReBuild is able to meet a growing demand for social procurement among businesses by providing a wide variety of facilities maintenance services including, but not limited to, landscaping, painting and general maintenance.

How many young people has ReBuild helped through employment?

Since its inception in 2010, over 200 young people have worked with ReBuild.

How long will each young person work with ReBuild for?

Each young person is generally employed at ReBuild for 6-12 months, however the tenure of each person is determined by their individual needs and readiness to move on.

Does ReBuild assist young people with finding long-term employment?

ReBuild is able to assist with young people’s transition into long-term employment through its parent program YMCA Bridge Project. YMCA Bridge Project has partnered with over 100 businesses, many of which are committed to employing young people who have previously worked with ReBuild.

What impact does ReBuild have on the wider community?

In Victoria today, there are over 1000 young people on community-based orders and a further 200 in custody. Almost half of these young people were unemployed before being imprisoned. Alongside its parent program YMCA Bridge Project, ReBuild can;

  • Drastically reduce the rate of reoffending in young people from over 50% to just 3%.
  • Save the Victorian government $1.5 million per year by reducing the rate of reoffending and keeping young people out of prison
  • Offer a second chance at life for young people genuinely remorseful of the crimes they have committed

Are there other ways our organisation can support ReBuild?

Beyond hiring our services, there are plenty of either ways you can support us:

  • Hire a young person after their time at ReBuild is complete
  • Make a donation either financially or of any equipment or supplies e.g. power tools, landscaping equipment, paint, fuel, etc.
  • Spread the word! Tell other businesses about what we do. The more work we can secure, the more lives of young people we are able to change for the better by offering employment opportunities, and a chance to learn new skills

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