There are two program package options: Base Package and the Complete Package. These options and the inclusions are listed below.

Evolve program: Base package

The base package includes the following:

1 x Teacher professional development training session

Our experienced, passionate team of experienced teachers will kick off your schools Evolve rollout with a two-hour Teacher Professional Development session. This introduction to the Evolve program includes:

  • The goals and outcomes of the program
  • How Evolve fits into the Victorian F – 10 Curriculum
  • How to use the Teacher Toolkit

In this ongoing climate of uncertainty, we’re committed to delivering Evolve in the best way for you and your team. Therefore this teacher PD session is available in both face-to-face and live online formats, depending on the needs of your school.

Teacher toolkit

Written by teachers, for teachers, the Teacher Toolkit contains everything you need to run an entire term of Personal and Social Capability lessons for your class including lesson plans, worksheets, and assessment resources. Containing eight complete lesson plans, there is no additional planning or resource creation is required. Every module is fully aligned with the Victorian Curriculum F – 10, so you can use each session plan knowing that you are meeting the aims of the Personal and Social Capability curriculum.

We know that flexibility in the classroom is key, so these eight module can be delivered in different ways:

  • 1 x 2 hour lesson per week across 8 weeks


  • 3 x 30 minute lessons per week across 1 – 2 terms


  • Flexi – pick and choose the components of Evolve that best suit your students and classroom, and use them when and how you want to.

Ongoing teacher support

To help teachers get the most out of the Evolve modules, we have a growing library of short videos available online, demonstrating activities and explaining key concepts. These videos are designed to complement and extend upon the Teacher Professional Development training session.

Our team of qualified teachers are available for ongoing teacher support during your nominated rollout duration. Have a question about a particular module? Unsure how a particular activity should be taught?

Wanting some further resources relating to specific modules? We’re here to provide you with practical advice and support while you roll out the Evolve modules in your classroom.

Impact measurement reporting

We know that schools need the most bang for their buck when investing in incursions and programming. That’s why we offer impact measurement reports as part of our all of our Evolve packages. When participating teachers complete pre, mid and post-program surveys regarding student participation and progress, we will provide a complete Impact Measurement Report Card tailored to your school highlighting students’ success, learning and transformation.

Evolve program: Complete package

The complete package includes all of the above inclusions from the base package plus a 2-hour student workshop.

Two-hour student workshop

The Student Workshop is the ideal way to kick-off Evolve in your classroom. An in-school face-to-face incursion, this two hour workshop is delivered by our team of qualified and experienced teachers.

This workshop introduce students to concepts and learning styles that will carry through the entirety of the teacher-delivered Evolve modules. Our team will help you to create a common language to assist in rolling out the Evolve modules in the classroom, including safe-space setting which is crucial in effectively teaching the Personal and Social Capability curriculum.